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Messi André Noël (Born December 26, 1986) better known as Cloy The Boy is a Rapper from Cameroon (Central Africa), song writer and Entrepreneur through his label Firelight Music. Son of a Christian Brother, he talks about it in his song Memory Lane (my turn) "the home wasn't far from being a church but I was nothing like a server". His Mother, Mbazoa Bernadette, then a housewife and now an independent trader is one of his best friends. "My mother believed in me when I wasn't believing in myself. She will always make me feel special." He said in an interview.

Cloy grew up in one of the poorest and most violent neighborhoods of his country, but he wasn't that poor ironically. His father was an educated man, he used to travel the world and a prestigious Canadian University Professor was and is still his mentor. "When I started rapping, my peers used to say I should not rap because Rap was for those Life wasn't easy saying I had an easy Life." To be honest, growing up my father and my mentor could get me to have the latest sneakers, the latest fashion, to go to prestigious private schools. No one in my hood attended the type of schools I did. But I was so in Love with hip hop and having the talent for it that I couldn't help it that only got me closer to that genre." Despite his involvement with hip hop, Cloy managed to graduate from Yaoundé 2 University in Economics and studying Management."At school I was a nerd but you should've not messed with me. I wore no glasses and my boxing game was tight. Knowledge is infinite. I have been raised by intellectuals so I was forced to be one to feel complete while music is a part of me like my head, my arms, etc. I don't force it, I just feel it.

Cloy started rapping at the age of 14. His main influence was the late prolific lyricist 2pac Shakur. "I randomly took a cassette tape at the house of my sister's boyfriend, (he was nearing 40 then and I was 13) and when I played it home, it was 2pac's Me Against The World. At that time that was the most beautiful thing ever that could exist to me. I wanted to do it the same way." Later he discovered Rappers like Nas, Mobb Deep, and other New York's acts. "Man, New York gave me goosebumps. Illmatic by Nas, Hell On Earth By Mobb Deep, War Report by Capone and Noreaga, etc. I knew right away hip hop will have to play a big part in my life."

Master P even nearly signed him a few years ago but some circumstances didn't allow it to happen. He still coming up. World, look out for this artist. He is interesting.



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